Grasscutter Genome Database

Grasscutter Genome Database (GGD) is the database for grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus), also known as greater cane rat, providing genomic information to support the studies using this rodent.

List of members for the GGD Project

Contributing organizations

The grants contributing to this database are:

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research KAKENHI (19KK0177): Contribution to African food security by domestication of a giant rodent and development of a new experimental animal.

Japan Science and Technology Agency, JST-aXis (JPMJAS2017): Promotion of domestication of giant rodent grasscutters for environmental protection and food safety in West Africa.

National Institute of Genetics, NIG-Joint (1B2020): Genome survey for domestication of large rodent grasscutter in Ghana


Build ThrSwi_NIG_v1
Assembler Platanus v1.2.4
Total length 2,181,956,919bp
Number of scaffolds 20,779
Scaffold N50 20,890,746bp
Contig N50 26,644bp
GAP length 37,159,237

Illumina (Genome)
Library # Reads # Bases Avg. Size Read Cov. Clone Cov.
PE600 1,035M 259Gb 638bp 118x 150x
MP3000 182M 18Gb 3,147bp 8x 130x
MP6000 170M 17Gb 6,157bp 8x 238x
MP10000 174M 17Gb 9,575bp 8x 379x
MP15000 191M 19Gb 13,457bp 9x 585x
Illumina (RNA-Seq)
Tissue                  Index # Reads # Bases
testis AR001_ATCACG 86M 8.6Gb
heart AR002_CGATGT 85M 8.5Gb
lung AR003_TTAGGC 113M 11.3Gb
muscle AR004_TGACCA 91M 9.1Gb
hippocampus AR005_ACAGTG 108M 10.8Gb
spleen AR006_GCCAAT 101M 10.1Gb
frontal_cortex AR007_CAGATC 83M 8.3Gb
dentate_gyrus AR008_ACTTGA 78M 7.8Gb
pituitary AR009_GATCAG 101M 10.1Gb
hypothalamus AR010_TAGCTT 79M 7.9Gb
olfactory_bulb AR011_GGCTAC 79M 7.9Gb